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Vivid is the brainchild of Josh Cates. The word vivid is described as producing strong feelings with clear images in the mind. Vivid is a culmination of everything in Josh’s life. Everyone he has met, all of his fellow musicians that he has played with and all of the people that supported him. The goal of vivid is to put words to ideas and sounds to feelings in whatever form, style or genre that may ask for. Josh grew up in O’Fallon, Missouri. Often spending time on the banks of the Missouri River. He recalls being able to hear blues bands on the Illinois side of the river, late in the evening, listening and dreaming of a day when he could also stand on a stage and perform. His passion for music began when he found his father’s old guitar stowed away under the bed. He was a reserved child spending many of his days learning new songs by ear and playing whatever came naturally to him on guitar and singing along. Then, in High School he started playing and writing music with his friends Chayse and Alex Henke. They went on to form “Lo and Behold” which is still writing and recording music today. Josh picked up the trumpet in junior high playing in the marching band and large ensembles and he stuck with it all the way to college, where he studied Jazz at Missouri state university. There he honed his crafts and connected with other musicians playing in small Jazz combos and large big band ensembles. After college he received an offer to perform on a cruise ship as an assistant cruise director.

The Ship was called the Victory and it sailed the great lake region from Toronto, Canada all the way to Chicago, Illinois. During this six month stint is where Josh worked on repertoire across all different types of musical genres. He played Motown music from Detroit, Old country stylings of legends like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton, and many songs by his rock and roll icons that are forever immortalized in the rock and roll hall of fame in Cleveland, Ohio. Josh has recently released his first single under the Vivid name called “Lean”