Dealing with isolation, anxiety, and a longing for more; I found myself questioning almost every aspect of myself, and wondering why I’m not where I want to be.  I just kept saying that’s fine, and even though it wasn’t true, the sarcasm helped me to push thru that rough time.” That’s what Nik Voyn had to say about his debut single “That’s Fine”.  Nik’s love and knack for songwriting came early on, during the long cold winter’s in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and proved to be vital for his overall happiness and sanity. With memorable hooks that will have you singing along after one listen, his songwriting is not only catchy, but honest.  Naturally relatable lyrics with clever deliveries show that he leaves a piece of himself in each song, and what he writes, paints a vivid image of his life. Sticking to his rock roots, but not at all afraid to step outside the box, Nik Voyn has a story to tell and is continuously working on new music to share with whoever will listen.